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Eazy for Everyone

Imagine a product that serves your customers better alternatives. A product with added value to the whole chain, with reduced costs and labour. A product that is eazy to process and offers you excellent shelflife. That is exactly the objective Enza Zaden has set itself with a great team of gifted and passionate researchers. The concept is ‘Eazyleaf’, an attractive range of products supporting the grower and the processing industry in their ambition to serve top quality products. It gives retail the shelf life and appearance they are whishing for. And the consumers? They will have a unique taste experience with these tasty, crunchy products. Read more

Enza Zaden Head Office
Enza Zaden Beheer B.V.

Haling 1E
1602 DB   Enkhuizen

TEL: +31 (0)228 350 100
F: +31 (0)228 315 960

Advantages for the processing industry

• Excellent shelf life  • Strong but flexible leaves  • Deeply serrated leaves with 3D shape  • Very high percentage of usable product thanks to many equally sized leaves  • Minimal waste during cutting and processing  • Attractive mix of various leaf shapes and colours  • “Easy to cut, produc ...Read more

Advantages for consumer

• Excellent fresh sensation • Crispy and crunchy leaves • Great taste • Easy to cut when bought as wholehead  Taste is the main criterion for customers to keep on buying a product. Therefore taste is one of the main criteria our breeders take into account when selecting Eazyleaf products. The per ...Read more

Advantages for grower

• Option to mechanize the main crop tasks (planting, harvesting)   • Wide harvesting period (field standing ability)   • Reliability   • Reduction of (employee) costs Our wide range of Eazyleaf product varieties enables us to offer a year-round production and a great diversity in shape and colou ...Read more